What Can Consciousness Anomalies Tell Us about Quantum Mechanics?

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Williams III, G. R. (2016). What Can Consciousness Anomalies Tell Us about Quantum Mechanics?. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 30(3). Retrieved from https://journalofscientificexploration.org/index.php/jse/article/view/1001


In this paper, I explore the link between consciousness and quantum mechanics.  Often explanations that invoke consciousness to help explain some of the most perplexing aspects of quantum mechanics are not given serious attention.  However casual dismissal is perhaps unwarranted, given the persistence of the measurement problem, as well as the mysterious nature of consciousness.  Using data cumulated from experiments in parapsychology, I examine what anomalous data with respect to consciousness might tell us about various explanations on quantum mechanics.  I examine three categories of quantum mechanics interpretations that have some promise of fitting with this anomalous data.  I conclude that explanations that posit a substratum of reality containing pure information or potentia, along the lines proposed by Bohm and Stapp, offer the best fit for various categories of this data.

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