Elements of Parapsychology by K. Ramakrishna Rao

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Taylor, R. (2018). Elements of Parapsychology by K. Ramakrishna Rao. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 32(3). Retrieved from https://journalofscientificexploration.org/index.php/jse/article/view/1337


Rao is a major force in parapsychology research having first published in the '50s, and this book publication is right up to date in 2017. The book Is almost three hundred pages of text spread out over nine chapters. I initially found book title to be confusing because it could be taken to mean something like a primer or an introduction of the essential parts of parapsychology. Whereas in fact the book is more like a selection of discrete areas of parapsychology such as psi missing (the tendency to actively avoid the ‘target’ of a psi experiment, to the point of statistical deviation away from chance); the experimenter effect (similar to the experimenter effect of conventional psychology, but here the suggestion is that experimenters are using their own psychic powers to influence experimental results); and problems with replication in psi experiments; and some other philosophical or epistemological considerations. I’ll come back to the question of the title at the end of the review.

There is much to recommend in this book but there are also problems depending on what one's expectations are in reading the book.


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