The Global Consciousness Project: Identifying the Source of the Psi

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May, E. C., & Spottiswoode, S. J. P. (2011). The Global Consciousness Project: Identifying the Source of the Psi. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 25(4). Retrieved from


Analysis of the formal events listed on the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) website as of 9 November 2009 showed that the total Stouffer’s Z computed across all events was 5.81—a strong statistical effect. The overwhelming evidence from laboratory-based random number generator studies demonstrates that there are no forces involved in creating the significant effects. Similarly with the GCP formal events, we found that the best fit line through the Z^2 versus number-of-RNGs scatter plot had a slope of (−5.37 ± 340) × 10^−5 (p = 0.506) indicating there is no evidence of an asymmetric force to explain the deviant GCP statistic; rather, we show that it is likely that experimenter psi can account for the effect. Dr. Nelson brought 234 events to the attention of the GCP for a Stouffer’s Z for his contribution, alone, of 5.91, whereas the 66 other events yielded a Stouffer’s Z of 1.26, and the Z of the difference was 3.29 (p = 4.97 × 10^−4). This suggests that Dr. Nelson’s psi-mediated decision capacity drives the GCP result, and it is unlikely that their primary hypothesis of a putative global consciousness connection to the RNG devices can account for the results.

Keywords: EGG—random number generator (RNG)—Global Consciousness Project (GCP)—Decision Augmentation Theory (DAT)


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