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Stephen E. Braude

Research Articles
Anomalous Magnetic Field Activity During a Bioenergy Healing Experiment                   
Margaret M. Moga, William F. Bengston

Further Evidence of the Possibility of Exploiting Anticipatory Physiological Signals To Assist Implicit Intuition of Random Events
Patrizio E. Tressoldi, Massimiliano Martinelli, Laura Scartezzini, Stefano Massaccesi

Fire in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Indridason’s and Swedenborg’s “Remote Viewing” Experiences                     
Erlendur Haraldsson, Johan L. F. Gerding

Soal’s Target Digits: Statistical Links Back to the Source He Reported After All   
Roderick Garton

Common Paranormal Belief Dimensions
Neil Dagnall, Andrew Parker, Gary Munley, Kenneth Drinkwater

Historical Perspective
The 1907 Psychokinetic Experiments of Professor Filippo Bottazzi
Antonio Giuditta

Henry H. Bauer, Stephen Ray Flora, Tana Dineen, Michael Schmicker, Ephraim Fischbach, Carlos S. Alvarado, Renaud Evrard, Adrian Parker, Hale Brownlee

Letter to the Editor
Frank Pollard

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