Comments on Watson's "Empirical Analysis of the Hugh Gray 'Nessie' Photograph"

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Champagne, B. (2023). Comments on Watson’s "Empirical Analysis of the Hugh Gray ’Nessie’ Photograph". Journal of Scientific Exploration, 36(4), 825-827.


I would like to comment on Watson’s interesting paper in the Spring 2022 Journal of Scientific Exploration on the subject of the 1933 Hugh Gray Loch Ness photograph. Having a couple of Roland Watson’s books in my personal library (which I strongly recommend) and having corresponded with him for his opinion and thoughts in my own research, I can assure the reader that Watson has a significant knowledge of the history and current thought on the subject of the Loch Ness Monster (LNM) and other unidentified aquatic megafauna of the area. I would suggest this paper would benefit, and the proposals strengthened, with a greater and more consistent application and methodology (Heuvelmans, 1988) and a greater effort towards explanations of any imbalance.
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