Failings of Nessie Debunkers and of Debunkers in General

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Bauer, H., & Watson, R. (2024). Failings of Nessie Debunkers and of Debunkers in General. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 38(1), 138-154.


That Loch Ness Monsters, “Nessies”, might exist has been argued by many people on the basis of films, sonar contacts, photos, and eyewitness accounts. At the same time, some observers have insisted that these are not real creatures, nothing but misperceptions of natural phenomena or known animals. Their arguments typically address the weakest evidence (eyewitness accounts) rather than the strongest objective evidence of sonar and film. Such evasion or avoidance constitutes a strategy of misdirection, as does the insistence that, since Nessies are not recognized by “science,” therefore taking their possible existence seriously amounts to doing pseudo-science. Debunkers arguably irrational and go beyond the evidence in declaring that Nessies are definitely non-existent. Although Nessie fans do believe that they exist, most will admit that final proof requires a specimen or detailed close-up of unequivocally valid photography and insist only that enough evidence exists to warrant further searches: that is not pseudo-science.
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