The Myth and Mystery of UFOs by Thomas E. Bullard

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UFO books run the gambit from slapped-together pulp jobs with little thought to accuracy to Ph.D. dissertations that rely on scholarship without a thought to style. Thomas (Eddie) Bullard’s book, The Myth and Mysteries of UFOs, is one that walks the fine line between over-the-top scholarship and bottom-of-the-barrel trash. His is a book that belongs on everyone’s shelf because of the scholarship and the readability. It was, for me, confusing at first. I wasn’t sure where he was going with his scholarship. He wrote about sightings that most of us inside the UFO community knew about, but he often answered the questions about their reality. Or maybe I should say about their extraterrestrial nature. Clearly something had happened, but Bullard seemed to provide us with answers for those strange cases.

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