Children with Life-Between-Life Memories

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Ohkado, M., & Ikegawa, A. (2014). Children with Life-Between-Life Memories. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28(3). Retrieved from


Studies of children claiming to have past-life memories have revealed that some of these children also claim to remember the “bardo,” or life-between-life state. Although there seems to be a small number of those with past-life memories, the number increases if we also consider children without past life memories (cf. Sharma & Tucker 2004, Tucker 2005:183–184). This article will report on some cases of Japanese children who claim to have life-between-life memories and show that the presence of life-between-life memories does not depend upon the presence of past-life memories. This suggests that children with past-life memories must be viewed within a larger context of the large group of children with one or a combination of the four types of memories: “in the womb,” birth, life-between-life, and past-life.


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