Education in Parapsychology: Student and Instructor Perspectives by Harvey J. Irwin


Harvey Irwin has had more than 30 years of involvement in both teaching and researching parapsychology within a university setting. In this monograph he offers, with much modesty, advice for students and instructors based on his valuable experience in the field. It feels like a parting gift, as he states in the Preface: “As I near the end of my own career in parapsychology it is timely that I proffer to others the benefit of my considered experience to use or not to use as they wish” (p. viii). The monograph consists of two parts, the first directed toward prospective students of parapsychology, and the second toward prospective instructors. While these may seem like two distinct audiences, as Irwin notes there is much for the student to gain from considering the perspective taken by an instructor as he or she plans a course in parapsychology, and speaking from my own experience as an educator in this field, I am confident that from now on I will be recommending this book to every prospective student who approaches me.


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