Halton Christian "Chip" Arp, 1927-2013

Peter Sturrock



Dr. Halton C. Arp (better known as "Chip" Arp), passed away on December 28, 2013, in Munich, Germany. Chip was honored by the Society for Scientific Exploration in 1996 with the award of the Dinsdale Prize. The citation reads:

"For his extensive observational research concerning the redshift of quasars and other astronomical objects, and his perception and creativity concerning the role of redshift in cosmology."

As is typical of recipients of this Award, his scientific contributions were significant-and controversial.

Arp received his Bachelors degree from Harvard College in 1949 and his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology in 1953, both cum laude. Concerning his time as a student at Cal Tech, Arp recalls: "Professors at Cal Tech were very difficult. There was a tremendous emphasis on being knowledgeable and being right, and so forth."


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