Critical Commentary on Ervin Laszlo’s Paper “In Defense of Intuition”

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LASZLO, E. (1). Critical Commentary on Ervin Laszlo’s Paper “In Defense of Intuition”. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 23(3). Retrieved from


Dr. Laszlo’s hypothesis (2009) is in my opinion appealing on many levels.  He proposes that phenomena of apparent transpersonal communication between human beings are due to the intermediary of information-carrying holograms in the reactive quantum vacuum produced by human brain activity.  He also suggests that valid information regarding the world in general is available through the same mechanism, on the grounds that all material objects “excite the ground state of the [zero point] fi eld” and produce further such holograms.  On this hypothesis we are literally immersed in a sea of information, with the capacity for accessing that information as well as producing more of it by our own thought processes.

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