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ALVARADO, CARLOS S., United States

  • Vol 22, No 1 - Editorial
    Theme and Variations: The Life and Work of Ian Stevenson
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  • Vol 24, No 4 - Reviews
    Book Reviews, Further Books of Note, and Articles of Interest
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  • Vol 25, No 1 - Reviews
    Essay Reviews, Book Reviews, Further Books of Note, Article of Interest
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  • Vol 29, No 1 - Reviews
    On First Volumes and Beginnings in the Study of Psychic Phenomena: Varieties of Investigative Approaches
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  • Vol 28, No 3 - Obituary
    Eileen Coly (1916-2013)
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  • Vol 28, No 4 - Reviews
    Las Alas de Psiqué: Extender la Mente Más Allá de los Límites [The Wings of Psyche: Extending the Mind Beyond Limits] by Alejandro Parra
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  • Vol 30, No 4 - Reviews
    Review of Ojos Invisibles, edited by Alejandro Parra
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  • Vol 32, No 1 (2018): JSE 32:1 Spring 2018 - Historical Perspective
    Fragments of a Life in Psychical Research: The Case of Charles Richet
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  • Vol 31, No 2 - Historical Perspective
    Telepathy, Mediumship and Psychology: Psychical Research at the International Congresses of Psychology, 1889–1905
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  • Vol 33, No 2 - Reviews
    Poltergeist: La Conexión Entre Nuestra Mente y Otras Realidades [Poltergeist: The Connection Between Our Mind and Other Realities] by David López Bueno
    Abstract  PDF