How To Improve the Study and Documentation of Cases of the Reincarnation Type? A Reappraisal of the Case of Kemal Atasoy


This article tries to analyze the problems related to the methodology of investigating cases of the reincarnation type, starting from the description of the case of Kemal Atasoy as carried out by investigators Jim Tucker and Jürgen Keil.  Also, it tries to identify problems in the reports presented by these researchers.  It suggests possible solutions to the problems presented, namely the use of tape recorders and video cameras to enable a much more reliable recording of the interviews, and of tests of recognition of persons and objects, which should be evaluated by an expert in cold reading.  The importance of psychological testing is stressed, both for the child and for the family.  Constructing a genealogical tree of people involved is recommended and so is the use of double-blind questionnaires.

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